• Giving Voice to Cow

Clever readers attending Strolling of the Heifers and finding their way to the Livestock tent were asked to caption this photograph.

Given that Cow (pictured center) can be a bit confused about her surroundings, her biographers Lori Korcheck and Marshall Taylor asked readers to guess what Cow was thinking.

Here are the WINNING CAPTIONS. These smart folks will receive a signed copy of Adventures of Cow.

Winners in Age 0-7 Category:
"I hear moosic and I think I feel a draft" -Melody Crist

"Is this a big giant place of mirrors? Why are these cows staring at me?" -Dude Durkee

Winners in Age 8-11 Category:
"I hope he's out of breath." -Michaela Russo

"She thinks she is protesting swiss cheese by standing in the cheese hole." -Meara Seery

Winners in Age 12-15 Category:
"Wow, this is a big waterslide." -Taylor Comstock

"I think the Cow is thinking a black hole. He is scared that he is going to get sucked into it." -Kristina Meima

Winners in Age 16+ Category:
"Wow, I can really hear the peepers from this barn window." -Shelly Suponski

"This is one crazy hearing aid!" -Cut Intan Meutia

Cow says you are all as smart as a pencil.

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